Up Lighting Services  

Create A Nice Atmosphere For Your Event


Up lighting has become a standard for all event production and is one of the the ways to transform your venue. We only use top of the line wireless lights that luminate the room like no other lights in the market. 

Up lights are a series of freestanding light fixtures, beautifying a room or the outside of a building. The lights are placed on or near the floor to illuminate upward toward a wall or ceiling.

Many color options are available. While colors such as blue, pink, and purple are always popular, burnt orange and amber have a classy sophistication and provide a subtle warm candlelight-glow around the room.

When placed properly, up lighting can take any design to a new level and create an entirely different ambiance.

By choosing up lighting, clients may forego the overhead fluorescent lights at most venues that are generally unflattering. It also creates the perfect atmosphere and lighting for photos and videos.

String Lighting 


String lighting is the perfect solution to illuminate dance floors and dining areas.


We use commercial grade, pear shaped, 15-watt bulbs that are spaced 18″ apart to offer the perfect amount of warm light. Unlike large outdoor fixtures, string lighting can illuminate a large area while still creating a charming and lovely ambiance that can be admired and appreciated by night.


When dining or dancing under these string lights, your event will be one that is remembered by you and your guests forever.


Custom Gobo


A gobo is a circular stencil that is mounted over a light to project a design or pattern on a dance floor, wall, ceiling, or other surface.

Custom gobos are the perfect way to customize your event in a unique and affordable way.

Ideal for corporate events, a custom gobo allows for brand promotion by displaying company logos near the entrance, around the conference room or on the dance floor.

Custom gobos can be used year after year once created, making them both a green choice and cost effective.

Custom gobos are great for weddings, as they allow couples to have a unique projection that is truly their own as part of the celebration.

Since gobos are crafted of metal and are custom designed for each customer, we encourage them to be kept as a special keepsake of their celebration. If a corporate logo is being created, you can use the same gobo for many years.

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